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Very short version:

We booked a room at Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Spa for 2 nights. We called the day we were supposed to check in to try for an early check in and were told Snap Travel had cancelled the reservations WITHOUT EVEN TELLING US!

We were told we would get a refund in 3-5 days which NEVER HAPPENED. Sent emails with no response. Called them 5 times and they read from a script and tell us to call our financial institution (ridiculous) and when I say we have checked they say the will forward to their Urgent Care Team and they will contact us BUT THEY NEVER DO! I have seen many complaints on the internet similar to ours.

The California Attorney General needs to shut them down in my opinion. Stay away from this company.

Location: Strongsville, Ohio

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Hi there, thanks for reaching out to us and we’re sorry to hear about your negative experience. Unfortunately, we’re unable to identify your booking through the information provided in this review.

We kindly ask that you return to your existing chat thread and type “Agent”.

From there, you will be connected to one of our 24/7 live agents who would be more than happy to assist. Apologies for the inconvenience

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