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If you think I'm going to phone North America to get BS from your call centre go feck yourself . I used them once to make a booking never again .

As the hotel had some issues the service manager said he would refund me half my stay however the hotel had to return it via Scam travel . The service manager said with the intent that scam travel would return the refund to me .

But scam travelling are holding on to the money . For over two weeks tried to send them a message a bot response was all I got .

User's recommendation: Your dealing with a scammer.

Location: London, England

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We’re sorry that you have that perception of our service. As we cannot identify your booking through this review please reach to our Support team.

If you do not wish to call, we have other mediums of contact. When in need of assistance, please reach out to the Support team soon as possible so they can assist. - SMS or Whatsapp: please type in “Agent” in your existing chat conversation (where you made your booking search).

One of our 24/7 live agents will be happy to assist you. - Facebook Messenger Thank you.

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